KNX DALI Gateway 2X64

KNX DALI Gateway Module Description :

The I-luxus DALI KNX Gateway is a KNX modular installation device for installation in the distribution board on a 35mm mounting rail. It is a DALI Master controller supports 2-Channels (2x64 devices). 2x16 group operations are supported. The two channels are equivalent and each of them has the same technical properties and functions. In additions to the standart functions; switching, dimming and brigtness value setting with the corresponding feedback, the DALI Gateway has the Staircase function, Scene, Slave, Forced operation and block functions. The manual operations are enabled with 3-buttons and LED Screen. The I-luxus DALI KNX Gateway is commissionable with DALI Configuration Tool. Also, all parameter can be configurable with ETS5.

KNX DALI Gateway Module Specifications : 2 independent DALI Channels
2x64 DALI device control
2x16 group control
Individual control, group control or general control
Reading of the status of DALI products via KNX, e.g. light intensity, light fitting fault etc.
Displaying group status on the 2 digits LED Screen
Possibility to manual control with 3 buttons
No additional power supply
Overload protection
Easy configurable with I-Luxus DALI Configuration Tool
Easy programmable with ETS5 via programming LED and button
Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001 and KNX
2 years warranty
KNX Analog Input Output Standards : EN 60529
EN 61140
KNX Analog Input Output Certification : KNX Certified
Materials Plastic
Dimensions 90 x 70 x 70 mm / Horizontal
Weight 220 g