Analog Input Output 0-10V

The I-Luxus 0…10V Module with 8 analog outputs can be used for 0…10V LED driver dimming operations or 0…10V operational valves for HVAC operations. It features 4 analog inputs, PT1000, NI1000 sensors, 0…10V voltage, 0…20 mA current via 500 Ohm shunt connections. Includes 4 digital inputs that can be connected as dry contact.
Description 8 Analog output channels DC 0…10V
4 Analog input channels
4 Digital input channels
Dimming operations
HVAC operations
Configurable with ETS
Programming LED and buttons
Sensor connections: PT1000 (Brightness, Temperature, Rain, Humidity, Wind, etc.)
Feedback operations (only in bus operation)
Easy installation to 35mm DIN Rail
Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001 and KNX
Standards EN 50491-5-1/-2/-3
EN 60730-1
EN 55032
Certification KNX Certified
Materials Plastic
Dimensions 90 x 70 x 70 mm / Horizontal
Weight 1090 g
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